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ImagineEars Disney Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

After 30+ years in the Disney parks, Splash Mountain is getting a new theme. Its ties to Song of the South has prompted Disney to create a new vision for the attraction with Princess Tiana and other characters from the animated film, the Princess and the Frog.

Join us this week as we discuss the history of Splash...

Jun 22, 2020

This week, we discuss the happiest ship to never sail the Seven Seas. Once upon a time, there was a Golden Era known as the Disney Decade. It was a time of growth and expansion for the Walt Disney Company. But not every idea that was dreamed up came to fruition.

Before there was a Disney Cruise line and before there...

Jun 17, 2020

This week we go global as we discuss one of the Disney parks outside the US. We were privileged to be joined by our friend, Ian, who has been a life-long fan of Disneyland Paris.

Ian walks us through the very best attractions, dining, and entertainment that both of the parks at Disneyland Paris has to offer. With...

Jun 9, 2020

This week, we wrap up our list of the top 100 Disney World attractions of all time! The final 25 are in our opinion, the very best of what Disney World has offered in its almost 50 year history. We hope that some of your favorites made our list!

Jun 4, 2020

We're back with Part 3 of our list of the Top 100 Attractions in the history of Walt Disney World. We're inching closer to our Top 25 and the decisions become harder as we get closer. So sit back and relax as we continue our countdown of attractions both past and present.